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SMHS Outplacement Program

Steps Middle & High School (SMHS) outplacement program is a specialized educational day program serving special education students with behavioral challenges in grades 6-12.  The program is designed to replicate a typical high school experience while maintaining small class sizes and high staff to student ratio. Steps students receive team-based behavioral and academic instruction from certified special education and content area teachers, school social workers, and registered behavior technicians.  All students enrolled in the program also participate in weekly individual counseling sessions, work towards successfully completing their postsecondary and transitional goals/objectives with our school counselor and transition coordinator, and participate in a school-wide tiered behavioral support system that is monitored by Steps’ on-site Board Certified Behavior Analyst.  Steps students may also choose to utilize the supports at Steps to earn gainful employment and their driver’s license.

Check out real students telling their real stories about how Steps Middle & High School has helped them grow and develop as students and young adults.

SMHS Expelled Student Program

The Steps Middle & High School (SMHS) Expelled Student Program is a program serving general education and special education students that have been expelled from their district school.  Students enrolled in this program participate in their education through online coursework supported by certified special education and content area teachers, engage in weekly counseling sessions with school social workers/counselors, and participate in a program wide behavior system designed to facilitate work completion.

Student Absence

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